strange dust ep

by ross martin

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this is my first record. it was recorded, mixed and produced by me over a few nights at La Casa Amarilla, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. guest appearances by birds, bugs and dogs.

released 8 September 2015

all songs written by ross martin


released September 8, 2015



all rights reserved


ross martin

guitarist & composer.

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Track Name: angelina
Every face that I see
Melts inside of me instantly
Every trail that I walk
Burns a whole right through my heart
Listen babe, I can make this right
I'm clinging air and holding tight

Your eyes are like newborn stars
Giving light where there's dark
I thank you for your graceful vow
It's my own fault if I don't flourish now

Every stone ever bored
Holds more meaning that any word
The moon spins across the sky
As the sun fills my eyes
My body rises from the depths
Passing ships past distress

Angelina kiss my lips
Hold my head between your hips
Shinin' purple and blue
Gonna see the day I come through
Track Name: feelin' high blues
The world is turnin' over, and I'm feelin' kinda high
The world is turnin' over, I'm feelin' kinda high
Well maybe it's the weather
Or maybe it's my mind

My flowers are in bloom, they're hangin' by the vine
My flowers are in bloom, they're hangin' by the vine
But their roots are dead and dry
And their fate the same as mine

I'm stuck in mud that's sinkin', I can see her watery eyes
I'm stuck in mud that's sinkin', I can see her watery eyes
But I ain't close enough to tell her
That I'm drownin' in my own lies
Track Name: my home is you
My home is you

I wish on a star so patiently
Knowing that star may be dead to me
But its light carried through
From my eyes to you

My home is you
My home is you

In my dreams I recall
Writings on ancient walls
I ain't ever goin' back
I never seen crossroads this vast
Track Name: plea (for you and me)
Lord, take my hand, help me find who I am
Sun, wake me up, been asleep too long

Sky, open wide, I need the rain to wash my mind
Love, battered my soul, it formed the grandest hole

Woman, hear me out, my flower will one day sprout
Man, renew your ways, quit drivin' others away